This section provides detail on each of the menu items that are provided within the product.

The user interface client presented to you has the following main components:

· A title bar – “Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite” the name of the program.
· A menu bar that provides options from which users can control and manage the connectivity options
· A Sidebar which provides control on the current view that is displayed to the right of the sidebar
· The current view which provides context sensitive information and control.

The Menu bar is always displayed and provides you with the following choices each of which will be described in detail below:


· File
o Vodafone SMS
o Exit
· View
o Main
o Usage
· Settings
o Language
o Startup
o APN Settings
o Usage Settings
o Manage Connections
o Manage Devices
o Statistics Capture
o Network Preferences
o Authentication Settings
· Tools
o Select Network
o Change PIN
o PIN Request
· Help
o Diagnostics
o Help contents
o About

Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite Menu items