If your current setup has been working fine then it implies the problem is not directly related the configuration.


If it has never worked then you need to check that:

· Your device is supported – see Supported Handsets– if your device is not supported it does not mean that it will not work however if you may receive a message such as “Unexpected reply from phone!” which implies that the phone is not compliant.
· USB drivers are installed for the phone.  For supported phones these should install automatically as part of the installation.  For unsupported phones suitable drivers are required.
· Ensure the connection between the PC and phone is secure – connectors are correctly inserted and seated.
· Ensure that you do not have other phone management application running – these could prevent the Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite from being able to connect to you phone and hence being able to work.
· You are not logged in as a different user

Has the program ever worked with the current phone you are currently using on the current PC?