If the phone has been working fine and then suddenly stops without error message then you should check that:

· The device is connected; if not reconnect the phone and go to Manage Devices – check the device is present and selected.  In the case of RIM Blackberry a password dialogue may be presented in you have security password on your device – this will appear as a pop up box; without entering the correct password the PC cannot connect to the device.
· The device is powered on.  With some early devices we have seen device errors that have required the device to be reset by removing the battery.
· The device has an active SIM with a suitable data tariff
· A network is present. For phones look at the display for presence of a network. For devices without a display, check Tools | Select Network for the presence of suitable networks


If these fail then try closing Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite completely – see Close – and restarting the application – see Startup

Current configuration has worked fine