The current product has been configured to support the following devices:

· RIM Blackberry 8707
· Huawei E220 HSDPA USB Modem
· Huawei E270 HSUPA/HSDPA USB Modem
· Huawei E272 HSPA USB Modem
· Huawei E660A Data Card
· Huawei E800 HSDPA Express Data Card
· Huawei E870 HSUPA Express Data Card
· Samsung SGH-ZV50 HSDPA handset
· Samsung SGH-Z560V HSDPA handset

The product may work with other devices connected via USB, however:

1. Use is entirely at the users risk
2. The user may need to install suitable drivers for the specific device
3. Vodafone cannot provide support for these devices

Supported Devices