Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite consists of two components.

· A main client window that is the primary interface for the user.
· A component that executes in the Windows Notification Area (the “Systray”), located in the bottom right hand side of your screen and identified as a Vodafone icon as illustrated below.

VMC Lite  img1 Product configuration


Starting the installed software

During software installation process a program menu item and desktop shortcut have been set to allow the user to start Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite. 

By default you will need to manually start the application on first use.

The application will be started and assuming a supported device is connected to the computer the software will automatically connect this device.


Starting the embedded software

When the device is connected to the computer its USB disk will be accessed – recognised by windows and in due course Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite will load and run.  Note: A pre-requisite is that CD autorun is not disabled on the specific computer.


Configuring the application

On first use the software will use default settings and actions, these include:

· For the installed software only the application must be started manually
· For the embedded software only the application will automatically start unless there is a version of the full VMC dashboard solution that is able to support the device in which case it will terminate.
· The language used is that obtained during installation – see Language
· Default device is the first available device selected by the software on startup – see Manage Devices
· APN which will be the default for the home operator – see APN
· Usage settings are scaled to 50MB / 50Hrs – see Usage
· Anonymous statistics capture is enabled – see Statistics Capture

The configuration of the product requires little user intervention as it will automatically connect to the first mobile device it detects on the PC.  If a different device is required to be used you must follow the steps below.


1. Plug in the device that you wish to use as the modem (and wait for Windows to detect the device)
2. Select “Manage Devices” – see Manage Devices
3. Select the device from the “Manage Devices”
4. Select “Connect” on the main screen

This is a minimum and more steps may be involved either because additional choices such as network settings need to be selected or because more information is needed to support a specific device.

If the newly selected device is to be used as a default device, the “Default” check box can be clicked in Manage Devices.  This will force the application to use this device as a default (if it is present) and will automatically connect to this device on next startup.

Product configuration